Just one kiss: book review

Just one kiss: book review

Most romance novels end the same way. The two main characters almost always end up getting together. So what sets a romance novel apart from every other one out there?


If the book is realistic and you can relate to parts of it, Wouldn’t you keep reading to see what will happen next even though you already know the ending?


This is how it was when I was reading Just One Kiss.


It started out with Patience and Justice being in high school. Then one day Justice just disappeared with no warning, or no goodbye. He just left Patience or that’s what she thought.


Justice came back to Fool’s Gold. He never realized his feelings for Patience until this point. He doesn’t act on these emotions though because he doesn’t want to put her or her little girl in danger.


What Patience doesn’t know is Justice has been running from a man his whole life. A man that is very dangerous and wants to hurt  justice. He hasn’t got close to anyone because he doesn’t want to have to leave them or put their lives at risk. Patience takes it as he isn’t interested.


Through the whole story, they go back and forth with their emotions. It isn’t until the end when Patience’s daughter goes missing that they actually come together.


Patience finds out the truth behind Justice leaving when they were younger. Justice tells her everything, why he had to leave, why he was pushing her away, and why he kept running. This leads to knowing who took her daughter and why they took her.  


Justice and Patience join forces to find her little girl and through all of the chaos they realize their feelings for eachother. The ending is sad but happy all together.


Just one kiss isn’t only a love story. It is about not running from something because in the end the consequences will be worse than what you were running from. This story was exciting and emotional. Susan Mallery really catches your attention.


To me it was more than just a romance novel. I suggest reading it if you are looking for a new book.