Don’t Rain on My Parade

On Friday, September 11th, football players, cheerleaders, bands, and fans alike prepared to “do their thing” on the field at Lenoir City High School.


However, things changed drastically as the weather escalated dramatically. Dark clouds started to pour in early in the afternoon, and the rain came and went.


Around game time, storms approached quickly. The rain would not have been too much of an issue, but when lightning started to strike in the distance, the game was delayed for half an hour.


The Singers performed our National Anthem just before the game was delayed, and the band marched onto the field to play the Fight Song.


The band was even in full uniform, extremely excited to be wearing their shakos (hats) and jackets.


Everyone was ready and set to perform, only to be interrupted with announcements that people were allowed to remain seated, but that it would be at least half an hour before the game began.


The band marched back to the band room and stayed under cover, the cheerleaders ran to safety, the Singers hid, and the fans remained seated until it was announced that the game was officially cancelled and would not be rescheduled.


Everyone cleared out quickly, eager to get home and out of the freezing and harsh rain and lightning.


“I went home early. I was indifferent toward the rain because I was watching Netflix,” said Gideon Sledge (12).

The Singers walk onto the field to sing the National Anthem.
Casey White
The Singers walk onto the field to sing the National Anthem.