Real life action

Real life action in local movie theaters.


Jeremy Woody, Staff writer

When you think of the movies, you may be reminded of the childhood memories– the smell of popcorn, sharing laughs with your family, or going on a first date with your beloved significant other.


However, times have changed.


For about three years, the news has seen a shocking amount of violent ongoings in movie theatres everywhere, including in our own backyard, Nashville.


Some LC’eans may be wondering if any action being taken to keep us safe.


“ It makes me nervous. Thankfully though, the targets are not usually the workers,” said an assistant manager from Regal Cinema, located in Knoxville Tennessee.


Regal has taken the initiative to enhance their security since the Colorado movie theatre massacre back in 2012.


All bags are now checked before entering the theatre.


Melissa Aguilar, LCHS alumni and frontend ticket taker said, “The violence is something I’ve never been especially afraid of, just more aware of. Like working with big crowds, I know there is a possibility of something bad happening, so I try to stay alert at all times.”


A question still remains. How does the average movie goer feel when going to the movies?


Leo Estrada (10) as an avid moviegoer voiced how he feels about the potentially dangerous situation.  “ Nothing has happened here, so I’m not really worried about it. I definitely feel scared for the people in large cities though. I don’t feel as if we need the extra security, but I do feel if something happened here, it would cause paranoia and chaos,” said Estrada.


So, is the movie theatre still the same happy place it once was?