The next step


I am Flying over Texas. 2015

Anonymous , staff writer

Moving and starting over is nothing new for me. I got use to making a new life with new friends, and finding new places to hang out.


This year is a totally different ball game. In the month of May I’ll be graduating, turning eighteen, and move sixteen hours away from home. The three most important things in a child’s life is happening to me within a few days of each other.


Right now I have so many emotions. I’m excited, scared, I’m happy but I’m also sad.  This is the last year for me. This is the last year that I am in highschool. This is the last year that I’m a “kid.”


Soon I’ll be in Texas, away from my friends and my family. Soon I’ll be attending University of Arlington and owning my own apartment.


When I was a little girl, I couldn’t wait to grow up and be able to make my own decisions and “do whatever I wanted.”  Today, I’m nervous. Leaving my parents is one thing but moving two thousand miles away from them is a scary thought. I think it’s hard  for everyone who has to finally leave their parent’s nest.


I remember having a conversation with my father about moving. I told him I was thinking about staying closer to home because if anything happened I would want to be able to help.


He looked at me and said, “Sweetheart, I want you to follow your dream. If going to Texas is part of your dream them I’m behind you one hundred percent. I dont want to be the reason you stay.” When he said that, I knew that he was right. I had to follow my dream.


I have always been daddy’s little girl and saying goodbye to him will be the hardest thing that I’m ever going have to do. It’s going to be weird not having him around to make me laugh.


My mom and I are exactly alike. So I know when I miss her, I can just look in the mirror.  She has been there for me through everything and I know that I can go to her for anything. I’m going to miss walking downstairs and having one of our little pointless, funny, weird conversations.


The hardest thing about moving is saying goodbye. I don’t know how I’m going to be able to let go of my mom or dad when it’s time for them to leave.


On May 14th I will be walking across the stage in front of everyone I love, showing them I’m ready to take the next step. Two days later I’ll turn eighteen. On May twenty second, my parents will put together a go away party for me. On May 31st I have to say goodbye to the two people who have always been there. I never thought that growing up could be so heart breaking.