5 block schedule

This year, the school board has decided to change from a four classes a day schedule to five classes a day.


The change has produced many good and bad effects with people’s classes and schedules, and many positive and negative opinions as well.


One of the main reasons they changed to a five block schedule was due to the fact that each year, seniors did not have enough credits to graduate. The change was also made for STEM students, so that they could fit all of their required classes into their schedule.


Ashton Hall (10)  explained how she felt about the five block schedule.


She said “I think that it is taking away from very important classes… the five block schedule worked for years, so why change it?”.


This new setup produces problems with her honors classes.


“It has shortened my classes, and I need all the time that I can,” said Hall.


Carmen Byerly (10), a STEM student, was in favor of the schedule change.


She said “I like how you’re able to get more credits in less time,”she said.


“I have a lot of honors classes now, and that’s rough, but I feel like it will prepare me more for college”.


She can fit in all her required classes, plus some additional electives if she wants to take those.