Chalk Walk 2015

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DECA Recap!
May 6, 2024

Every year Mrs. Mary Tyler, art teacher, does a chalk walk in front of the school. Every semester one week when the weather is good. Also, every walk has a theme. For the fall semester it was Monsters Inc. The spring semester, the walk dedicated to Earth day, was an 80’s themed walk. Which it’s still is for Earth Day, it just had to be moved due to April weather.


For the 80’s all of the students in the class went and found picture that represented the 80s decade. Some people picked the more common pictures such as a Rubik’s cube, or the Ghostbusters logo. Others however, picked more challenging thing like Molly ringwald, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. While draw with the chalk the students have to use different strategies and techniques they have learned throughout the semester in the class. Students should have tried to show value, shadows, and they had to attempted to make it pop off of the sidewalk. They would do that by making it look three dimensional.  At the end of the chalk walk there will be a contest for the best drawing.