Summer Plans

Students attending LCHS are counting down the days to the last day.

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December 21, 2014

Everyone is just counting down the days until summer vacation. For the seniors it’s only six days and for everyone else it’s only twelve days away, but in my opinion, it feels like it’s taking forever to get here. Summer is when your skin gets darker, your hair gets lighter, and it’s when the fun begins. It’s a time for us to just step away from school and work and finally be a tennager again. It’s a time for us to just relax and stop stressing over passing a class or when the next big test is going to be.

Summer is our time to hang out with friends, go places we have never been, and to sleep in! For some this is the last summer with their friends and family before going off to college, for some its their last summer before they are a senior, and for others its the first summer after high school, but I think everyone can agree that they can feel the freedom thats only right around the corner.


Cassie Brown, 11, is planning on working at Taco Bell most of the summer but her and her family are indeed planning on going to Myrtle Beach for a week. Nothing is really set in stone but she is very excited.


“I am mostly excited about having a break from school. I’m looking forward to vacation.” Cassie said.


Kaitlyn Burnette ,10, summer plans are to enjoy it by spending time with her mom and older sister. She is planning on keeping her job at Chick-fil-a but she will also be going on vacation. Her family is planning on going to Destin, Florida. She will indeed be hanging out by the pool and shopping with her friends. She is also going to be catching up on some reading she is gonna watch movies.


“I’m excited about relaxing, spending time with my family and friends, and enjoying the summer along with the outdoors.” Kaitlyn said.


Katie Clement, 10, Is planning on going to Panama City with her her family and her family. She is also going to Warped Tour in Nashville. Warped Tour is just a bunch of bands that come and play.


¨I’m really excited to see Pierce the Veil, which is my favorite band. I’m just ready for school to be out,¨ Katie said.


For some people their summer will consist of staying at home, others work, but for some its going to the beach and enjoying the nice summer sun. Either you have great plans for the summer or you are just relaxing at home, either way it’s your time to just take a break from school until next year. So everyone have an amazing summer.