Greenhouse sale at LCHS

Ag class sells the products grown in LCHS’s own greenhouse

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Dakota Qualls

The greenhouse displays their home grown plants

Is your yard as nice as it could be, or have you been slacking in your spring decorations?


For those who haven’t started their gardening yet, the LCHS agriculture classes have you covered.


The agriculture department has been growing a variety of flowers, herbs and vegetables in the greenhouse all available to be purchased by anyone!


“The entire semester we’ve been growing these plants and we sell them for two and a half weeks and all the money goes to the Agriculture department” said Jonathan Harding.


People flock from all over Lenoir City to buy these beautiful plants every year.


You can purchase a set of 4 flowers for $2 or 8 sets of 4 for $12 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Saturday in front of the greenhouse.


With only an advertisement in the News Herald, not everyone knows about these great deals, so its up to you to spread the word.


Tell everyone you know; buy your significant other some flowers; buy your mom some herbs for cooking; whatever you do, let’s help out the agriculture department.

After all, the agriculture department has already been helping you out if you ate from the salad bar at lunch during winter. The lettuce and tomatoes were grown fresh right here at LCHS.