Captain America 3: Civil War

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    Captain America 3 has been announced to release on May 6, 2016.

    The movie has been titled Civil War, after Marvel’s own seven part series of the same name. Robert Downy Jr. has been cast in Civil War as Chris Evan’s/Captain America opponent.

    The Civil War story-line takes place after a team of young over-eager heroes destroy a suburb in a poorly planned battle.

    Speedball and his teammates corner a villain named Nitro, who has the power to explode and be unharmed, and he destroys a suburb and school district.

    The true conflict between the heroes starts when Tony Stark pushes a super-hero registration act that will make heroes to put their names on file, grant them training, and make them government agents. Captain America disagrees with the act because it is a violation of rights, and his like minded peers side with him.

    The problem is made worse that when a hero decides not to register, they are hunted by the government and put in a jail made to hold superpowered individuals in the Negative Zone. The jail was an idea from the minds of Tony Stark, Henry Pym, and Reed Richards.

    Because of copyright issues, many characters won’t be used because the studios are simply not allowed to use them.

    Big players like the Fantastic Four and and the X-Men won’t be included, so many Marvel fans are wondering how the story will play out. The basic story revolves around Captain America and Iron Man, so the new take will hold it’s basic elements, but will require new ones that fans everywhere are waiting to see.