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Restless leg keeps student up at night

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You know those days when you just cannot sleep?  Or days when you are so overly exhausted that you can’t sleep?  Well hopefully these tips will help you doze quicker.

Occasionally I get restless legs.  Mine tend to ache for movement, but moving or stretching them out does not help or ease the pain.  So, when I can’t sleep due to restless legs, I tend to attempt to ease the pain by gently massaging the calf and shin. If your own hands don’t do a sufficient job, I usually try to ask someone else that lives with me (hopefully they love me enough to do so).

Restless legs can be a real booger.  If all types of massaging still does not work, then try my second method:  the handy-dandy shower.  Sit on the side of the tub, or in the shower if you prefer, and run warm or hot water on your legs.  Increase temperature to a tolerable but hot temp, and leave it there for a bit as you rub your legs.  Then use cold or lukewarm water to cool down your skin.  Then dry off and enter your bed and you should feel some much needed relief.

Now, not everyone experiences the annoyance that are restless legs.  Some just cannot sleep at night– so here are a couple remedies for you.  Recently, what I have tried to calm myself before going to bed is preparing a variety of warm drinks.  The traditional hot chamomile tea or lavender tea is always pleasant and relaxing; but recently I have discovered a new and barista-esque spin on warm milk.  It’s simply almond milk, or cashew milk, warmed with cinnamon and honey.  This “sleepy-time” drink is so yummy and calming.  By simply warming the almond milk, and then allowing a stick of cinnamon to steep in, it nearly instantly relaxes the body.  The honey just adds to the delectability.  This recipe can also be switched with whole milk as opposed to almond, but I highly RECOMMEND almond milk because it is healthier, lighter, and adds a nuttiness to the drink.

If you are still pulling your poor tired hair out after trying these two remedies, there is still hope.  If a fresh shower, warmth, and a nice calming drink did not fully activate Mr. Sandman, then try ASMR.  ASMR is an acronym for autonomous sensory meridian response.  Basically it is like a virtual or verbal spa.  It is a psychological technique that is meant to calm your senses.   I know it might sound out, but it actually is quite helpful.  You simply search youtube for “ASMR” and videos will pop up of people who will basically talk to you for a whole hour.  Yes, it does sound eccentric, but once you try it, even if it you did not like it, it will still relax you.  ASMR has actually become very popular in the last recent years, especially after Jeff Bridges commercial for the Super Bowl, which promoted his ASMR-esque “Dreaming with Jeff” dot com (featuring Jeff Bridges making various meditating and humming noises).  Though it is comical that it is a serious thing, some people actually use it to relax and calm themselves to sleep.

At this point, if you still experience sleep deprivation, it may be serious.  Not getting enough sleep is a problem in America and worldwide.  See a physician if sleep problems are persisting.


Interested in Dreaming with Jeff?  Click the link below to go straight to his Squarespace!:

Interested in ASMR?  I have chosen a couple of videos below that are from youtube.  This will get you started! (But remember, not every video is comfortable for everyone. There are in fact weird sides to nearly everything.  I am not liable) :