Journalism NYC Trip

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April 5, 2016

On March 17th, 7:50 pm, Journalism will be on their way to New York! Now we aren’t going to just shop around and skip school. We will be going to Columbia University, to take courses that have to do with journalism.


There are 4 different categories: All Publication,  Digital Media, Newspapers, and Photography. In each category there are tons of classes that we are aloud to choose from. While we are in New York we will also be going to a play and other places that will allow us to get ideas on things to wright. We will be staying in New York till Saturday March 21st. The trip coast 525 dollars, which if you think about it is very cheap for a plain ticket and for the hotel. Plus we also have to have money to spend for food, and other necessary items. Many students have had to work really hard to be able to have this great opportunity to learn new things.


Casey White, sophomore, said saving the money was very difficult, “Considering I would take money out, it just made it that more difficult to save money,” she said ” I almost did not have enough to pay before the deadline.” She wants to go to the trip because it’s an opportunity that she may not get again. “Getting left on the subway is my biggest fear about New York,” she said while laughing. The thing that she is most excited about is going to Time Square, and also going to Toys r Us, and the Lego store. “I am going to ride the Ferris Wheel at Toys r Us!” She said with excitement in her eyes.


Some of you might be asking “Why would someone spend so much money on a trip?” Well for the seniors, it’s the last chance that they will get to take the different classes we will be attending. They won’t have another opportunity like this one. Yes, they may have other opportunities but how many would include going to Columbia University and taking classes to grow in your ability to write.


Lane Vineyard, senior, said he is most excited about, “Riding the subway, I have always watched movies with it in there and it just seems interesting.” For him raising the money was difficult, he had to actually use bonds that were given to him at birth because he didn’t make enough money at work. He really wants to go on the trip because, “It’s a fun learning experience for a future journalist.” He stated that his biggest fear about New York was not having enough time to see what he wants to see.


Journalism is very excited to have the opportunity to go on this trip but there are some students that are on the fence about going to New York.


Kiara Aikins, sophomore, “I’m very excited but at the same time I have a lot of anxiety because I’m not the one who misses school,but in this case I have to miss 3 days, but over all I’m pumped.” She says that she is really excited about having the big city feeling. Along with that she fear is falling behind in school.


I am also attending the trip. I was lucky enough to have my uncle generously help me pay for my trip, he told me he wants me to have plenty of money to spend while I’m there. I only had to pay $125 of my own money. I have been saving up money for this trip since January. I am really excited to have this opportunity to learn something new. I’m not looking forward to missing 3 days of school because I’m the type of person that’s wants to learn, but I want to be a journalist after high school so I really want to get as much experience as I can in this field.

We have 3 chaperons, Mrs.wallace, Mrs.Harris, and Mrs. Moore. All of them are super excited to be going. Not everyone in journalism is going on this trip, there are seven people that aren’t going on the trip. While most of us are going to be gone they will be doing different things around the school to keep journalism up and running for three days.