Model Behavior

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April 5, 2016

When people think of modeling, they think about people posing for the cover of a big magazine or for a potential build board. There are many types of models. There are fashion models, body part modeling (hands, feet, ears, or lips), then there are commercial models, and glamour models. But no one would think that there were models in their own school. You want to know how to become a model? Well let’s see how Robby Fuller started out.

Robby Fuller, senior, is fashion model. He started his career in December of 2014. He was walking in the mall and saw a modeling information booth– it was just a box that you could put your information in and they would call you. A few days after he put his information in, he got a call from Gage Talent Agency that told him they wanted him to audition for an opening they had.

He decided to go to the audition, the only thing he had to do was take a few pictures and walk down the runway. At the end of his addition, the agency told him he got the job. Due to the fact that they wanted him to pay a fee, he turned them down. A few weeks later he heard that the Knoxville’s fashion week were holding open auditions for their show. Robby decided to go to the audition, when he got there he saw that there were about twenty people there and only five designers looking for models. Everyone at the audition had to walk for the designers and only four people were picked, Robby was one of the four. Robby’s designer was Tommy Hilfiger, he got to be the grand finale of the show. This is where it all started. After the fashion show, a photographer liked him so much that he foundĀ him some jobs. Robby did some individual photo shoots, and he even did a Halloween show at Latitude 35. He was evenĀ asked to do some pictures for Abercrombie to send to the home office.

Not many people would think that there were models in their school. At Lenoir City high school there are plenty. Kara Johnson, Robby Fuller, and Gabby Simpson are just a few names in the school that are real life models.