College Football Playoffs

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This Sunday, the College Football Playoff Committee will release their final rankings and the top four teams will play each other. If the rankings stood as they were today, it would be Alabama vs. Florida State and Oregon vs. TCU.


Along with that happening this Sunday, the Committee will also pick they will also pick the remaining teams for the other New Year Six Bowls. Some of the concerns of the new Playoff system was that it would make the regular season less interesting and that everyone would only care about the postseason. However, if anything this has made the regular season even more exciting than the last few seasons combined. As the people from their collective fan bases wait every Tuesday to see where there team is ranked.


Throughout the season,  Alabama, Mississippi State, Auburn, Ole Miss, Florida State, TCU, Ohio State, Baylor, and Oklahoma. Following the release of Sundays final rankings of the final four there has been a major change with TCU dropping to sixth and Ohio State has been propelled into the top four, and will play Alabama in the Sugar Bowl.


Along with this news is also the rest of the New Year six bowl, which will match up Ole Miss vs. TCU, Boise State vs. Arizona, Miss State vs. Georgia Tech, Auburn vs. Wisconsin, and Michigan State vs. Baylor.


The most interesting matchup for me is Boise State vs. Arizona where they will once again play in the Fiesta Bowl. They have played against Oklahoma and TCU and played some of the exciting games of the BCS era. With the new playoff Boise State may become a staple in the playoff system as the best of the other five conferences. The others match ups will also be very good. TCU vs. Ole Miss will be a battle between two of the best defenses in the nation, Miss State vs. Georgia Tech will pit Dak Prescott against the triple option of Georgia Tech, Auburn vs. Wisconsin will have Heisman finalist Melvin Gordan against the running attack of Tre Mason and Auburn, and Michigan State vs. Baylor will pit great defense against fast pace offense.

Along with this great new system is one conference, the big twelve, that didn’t get any teams in the playoffs. The main reason for that is because they tried to take a calculated risk to name TCU and Baylor as co-champions of the big twelve, and because of this is resulted in Baylor being ranked fifth and TCU being ranked sixth and left out of the playoffs. The College Football Playoffs have a bright future and will continue to get better year after year.