Local Tragedy

In local news today, December 2, 2014, a devastating bus crash has occurred locally.Two children and one adult were killed today in a Knox County school bus crash on Asheville Highway. They were two primary school attendees and a teacher’s aid that were killed on Tuesday of this week. The bus veered across the median to the other side of the road, and crashed into another school bus filled with children. Authorities say that weather conditions may have been a factor in the collision as well.

Currently, the authorities are still investigating what caused the crash. This crash also sent 27 other children to the hospital ,who attended neighboring schools of Chilhowee Intermediate and Sunnyview Primary School, were injured as well in this crash. Along with the twenty nine children and one adult, the driver of bus 44 was also sent to UT hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Later on, twenty other children were sent to Children’s hospital in UT;  eighteen were ironically transferred by a KAT bus to the hospital, whereas two others were taken in a private vehicle.  This is ironic because the children who were harmed in a public transportation bus with no seat belts, were then sent to another public transportation bus with no seat belts.

Witnesses say that emergency responders and local bystanders rushed to the scene immediately after the collision occurred.They even established a grocery store parking lot as the designated area of reuniting families with their children.


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