I Spy Rape Charges

Jandi Palmer, Photographer/ Staff Writer

Bill Cosby, the wearer of  jazzy patterned sweaters has popped up in an unexpected in the media.  He has also been a loving father to the nation ever since his many years on his self titled show, “The Cosby Show”, but with recent allegations of a rape charge, Cosby might not be the man we originally pictured for all these years. With an accusation that started last week from former teen model Barbara Bowman, it seems more people are now stepping forward.

Barbara Bowman said that Cosby assaulted her multiple times and was drugged by Cosby in 1985.  She said to the Washington Post that she gave into his act of being a father figure and gave him her trust.  She said he used that trust to take advantage of her multiple times.  Then, after her charges were spoken, they were compounded with another woman’s testimony about her rape by Cosby in ‘69.  If these allegations weren’t enough, model Janice Dickinson then comes out with her own allegations against Bill Cosby.  Her accusations were from 1982 when she was a working model.  She came to Cosby for business advice, and the next thing she knows she is waking up from a drug induced nap on a hotel couch.

Many may wonder why these women waited to proclaim their situation. It is for a number of reasons.  Some stated they were scared and hurt, but Dickinson said that she “… did not want people to think [she] was a slut or a whore… that [she] had slept [her] way to the top.”  One woman even said that she tried to notify the police for a case but they just laughed at such an insane notion as to Cosby doing such a thing.