Is trick or treating dead?

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Halloween has been around for centuries and has been a national holiday in the United States for around a hundred years. Initially Halloween, formerly All Hallows eve, was a European holiday that was the night before the new year. People believed that on this night the lines between the dead and the living became blurred and that spirits would roam the night. They also believed that this was when magic was the most potent and the people began to find ways to ward off evil ghosts.

Over the years Halloween has changed a lot. Now instead of fearing ghosts, children dress up in costumes, carve pumpkins, and of course, trick or treat. However trick or treating is not as popular as it once was and is being replaced in several places for similar reasons. One of which is safety concerns. As well as disturbing those who do not wish to celebrate Halloween.

Trick or treating in the dark and in large neighborhoods has become increasingly more dangerous. For one thing adults out driving that night sometimes have difficulty seeing children crossing the streets in an attempt to knock on every neighbor’s door. Parents are also concerned about the potential of a kidnapping or going up to the wrong persons door when the parents are not watching. There is also the fact that some people do not wish to celebrate Halloween. For some Halloween is a nuisance, children running around the neighborhood, banging on doors does not appeal to some, even in the spirit of the season.  There may also be someone who is sick, or even a family in mourning or going through a hard time that do not wish to be disturbed by children demanding candy. However many people still prefer this tradition to the newer events. Feeling that a tradition, though not as old as some, would be lost.

For these reasons, and others trick or treating is being replaced by churches and community based groups with Halloween parties and Trunk or Treating. Trunk or treating is when a group meets together(in a large area) with candy, and dressed up, allowing children to go car to car and get candy. Most Churches also have games and other food besides candy. Many people feel that trunk or treating is a better option for multiple reasons. Only people who wish to attend are present. This keeps children from pestering those who wish to be left alone on Halloween. It is also safer for the children, as they are less likely to run out from in front of a car. Trunk or treating also has a set time that usually begins when it is still light outside and ends soon after dark. The children who trunk or treat are also are more likely to see friends and receive more candy in less amount of time. Which is a relief for more efficient parents. Trunk or treatings are also a safer place for teenagers to be at compared to some parties thrown on Halloween night.

    While people across the country debate whether folks should keep to trick or treating or if it is time to continue the slowly evolving tradition that is Halloween with trunk or treating both the new and the old tradition will be taking place this year.