Student Spotlight: Aubree Jones

Aubree Jones (10) at a local coffee shop.
Aubree Jones (10) at a local coffee shop.

Aubree Jones (10) has taken on two classes that require lots of time and dedication. There are many problems she has to face while trying to manage the two classes but that doesn’t stop her. She finds solutions to be able to participate in journalism and Singers. 

Journalism is focused on creating the yearbook and the newspaper for the school. Jones has a passion for photography and writing which journalism heavily relies on. She loves participating in the school community. She has even created a new segment for the newspaper called Thriving at Lenoir City (TLC) 

“I was interested in journalism because I have always enjoyed photography and talking to new people. I love that in journalism we get to hear so many different stories and learn different perspectives. Also, I love writing and helping our students stay informed,” Jones said.

Singers has a lot different of opportunities to sing in different environments which Jones takes delight in. She has found a community of people who share the same interests as her. She loves performing at the numerous events the group performs at every year. 

“I have always loved singing and music, but Singers is unlike any class I’ve ever taken before. It’s fun because at the end of the day, we are really just singing songs, but with the community that is built in that classroom, it becomes so much more. Singers have helped teach me trust and teamwork while bettering myself as a singer,” Jones said.

The main problem Jones has is both classes are during the same block. This causes the issue of being able to provide the same amount of work even if she does not have the chance to be in the classroom that day because of the class. She did not allow this to stop her, and she has found many ways to be able to work for both classes.

“It hasn’t been too difficult for me to manage both classes. There are days where I’m running back and forth between classrooms a lot, but other than that it’s been just fun to have the opportunity to experience both classes. Usually, my class time goes to Singers since I need to practice with the rest of the choir, and I work on journalism during breaks in school or on my own time. I love writing so much, it’s easy to make time for it,” Jones said.

Jones is passionate about the two classes, and she loves the feeling both classes give her. She hopes in the future it becomes a bit easier to do both, and she can continue to enjoy her love for the classes! 

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