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EOCs, the bane of a highschool students existence. Well, for most anyways. That time of year has crept into vision and dread has set in for those that have to partake in this testing. Although certain tests can be opted out of due to grades, the EOC’s are required in order to complete the course. Freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors alike have a general consensus of dislike and negative connotations surrounding the tests. One freshman in particular, however, doesn’t have much of a problem with testing. William (Hemi) Griffith (9) of Lenoir City High School shares his rather pleasant experience. 

“Even though testing was kind of unorganized, I still felt like I knew what I was doing and that I did good,” Griffith said. 

Going through two EOCs wasn’t fun, but he stuck to the positive side of things. His experience was good, and in the end he had no choice but to complete the test, so he did it with a smile. On the opposite side of the story, Lily Brannan (12) experienced quite the opposite. While partaking in two EOCS, she had a completely different attitude by the end of testing season. Being in a SDC (State Dual Credit) stats class, you have to take the EOC in order to receive the college credit. A lot of students think this aspect of SDC classes is not fair nor worth taking an SDC class, but they typically en get stuck in the class anyways. Not only did Brannan have to take one SDC class, but another for U.S history. Across the board there is a prominent amount of fails, with only two a semester passing or less. 

“I personally have only taken SDC exams, however I am a little disappointed with them,” Brannan said.

In her case she has finished her current SDC classes with an above 95 grade, and is a credible student who is known for grades like this.

“But even though I have amazing grades, I still was unable to pass those tests. I believe it is unfair to make these exams so difficult and some would say impossible to pass. The main thing that is really upsetting is the fact that even though I did very well in those classes, I will not earn a college credit due to the tests that I did not pass,” Brannan said.

Seeing the striking difference between these points of view, it is evident that testing is different for everyone. But, one thing is for certain; EOCs are stressful, and rely on students to know an insane amount of knowledge to pass. For freshman classes that don’t require you to pass the test for any special credits, this is fine and much less stress inducing. However, for upperclassmen that take SDC courses, this is an unfair disadvantage and can really set them back from their goals. With this being said, good luck to all and may you pass with flying colors!

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