Anatomy Appreciation

Rhianna Waden (11) poses with the pig organs while her partner starts dissecting.
Rhianna Waden (11) poses with the pig organs while her partner starts dissecting.

High school is supposed to prepare you for your future, and it all starts by trying to help you figure out what you want to do career-wise. Lenoir City has many different pathways you can choose from such as; digital arts, cosmetology, computer science, coding, health science, etc. These are some of the classes you can take in preparation for life after high school and college. Sometimes people don’t find these helpful because they aren’t interested in most of the activities that take place in the class that semester. One of the classes people find themselves most intrigued by would be Health Science. With the ability to do most things hands-on as well as experience many different things such as dissecting pig hearts, Rhianna Wade (11) explains why something like this can help you further your education rather than just looking at it through pictures. 

“When you see it in person and it’s the real thing it changes your thoughts. With students wanting to go into the medical industry, they can know not only the feeling of them but being able to cut into something to actually see what things look like. [It’s] something you can’t experience while watching videos or just looking at pictures,” Wade said. 

When classes have the opportunity to do things such as that, it creates memories and helps with the ability to learn what you might expect to experience in the medical field. The ability to get to big activities such as dissecting something as big as pig hearts is amazing. Some schools do not have hands-on learning classes like this, but having a variety of classes that allow you to experience things like this is a great deal. Wade expresses what she will remember most from this lab. 

“I will definitely remember the fun we all had while [dissecting the pig hearts] and seeing the different parts of the heart and lungs,” Wade said. 

Sometimes you wish to experience the opportunity to be able to do something that is out of the ordinary. That may be something that normally you couldn’t do on a regular work basis, and maybe, even a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Wade wants the opportunity to be able to experience something that most people wouldn’t think about as a student. 

“Something I would definitely like to do is dissect is a brain. Without the brain, we couldn’t function at all,” Wade said.

When you’re in high school, you don’t always have to know what you want your job to be once you get out into the world. Luckily, teachers want you to have some idea about what you might want to pursue. This helps them set you up for what to expect from that career, and give you some type of activity to help give that experience of what to come from that job. This is why we are grateful to have classes such as anatomy to learn and experience things that you might not get to do in just a regular class. 

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