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Winner of the Get Caught Reading challenge, Ava McCroskey (12) holding up her prize
Winner of the “Get Caught Reading’ challenge, Ava McCroskey (12) holding up her prize
Fallon Sherrill

As school progresses, students start to read less once the habitual stressors such as homework assignments consume us. Reading is now available to us online, via VR, hard copies, and the list continues. Media Specialist, Mrs. Mowery, has started a program for not only us students, but also for our administrators. When you get caught reading recreationally, you get a ticket and cash it in for a free coffee in the library! 

 “My hope was that their teachers would also have book connections with students. Those who were given a ticket could cash it in for a latte or cocoa in the library.  They put their name as well as the teacher’s name who caught them reading on that ticket and both were entered into a drawing for a $50 Mastercard. Ava McCroskey and Ms. Crabtree were our first semester winners. Panther Crew was kind enough to help me spread the word in their freshmen advisory classes.  AV also created a couple of TikTok teasers to promote it. Of course, I am dependent on teachers noticing and rewarding students who read.  Without their help, this initiative falls flat.  Now that teachers and students are more familiar with Caught You Reading as an incentive—when I do it again in March, I hope to double participation,” Mowery said.

 Not everyone enjoys to read, but Mrs. Mowery hopes that after coming up with this activity, more people will start reading and consider it a hobby. To be able to recieve a ticket, you have to get caught reading in school, in the hall, waiting for the bus, in your lunch period, your free time, anywhere! The more people Mrs. Mowery sees reading, the happier she gets. She has a love for literature as well as helping students pick out books. She is in awe with how many people are already interested in reading ever since she started this program!

“I read and many of my favorite people on campus are readers.  When they recommend books to me or ask me for book recommendations I feel connected to them. We find common ground in the books and stories that ignite our curiosity. Whether we read fantasy or biography—we are empathizing with characters, escaping our situation, and engaging our minds with words and images that help us see the world from a fresh perspective. When we chat about these insights we come away knowing each other a little better. I want to see more of us reading not because we have to but because we can. What a gift!” Mowery said. 

 The more people read, the happier we make Mrs. Mowery, and its benefits follow. So, if you would not only love to gain intelligence, but recieve a free latte or cocoa, Get Caught Reading this spring semester!

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