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Old comic of the Orient Express
Old comic of the Orient Express

We are in full swing into the 2023-2024 school year with all the wake-up calls, routines, and assignments rolling through. While this is exciting and familiar for most, the emotions that accompany this constant regimen are starting to set in. To help with this break up from hot summer days, field trips are integrated in the hopes of lightening students’ loads. The most recent, an endeavor to Clarence Brown Theatre at the University of Tennessee. Creative Writing took this time to see Murder on the Orient Express and Lyndsee Tolliver (11), a student from this class, shared about the allotted activity entwined with the showcase. 

“We did an assignment on the real case that the play was based on, so it was more researching on our own,” Tolliver said.

Allowing students to separate their day-to-day school schedules with fun endeavors can alleviate stressors in peers alike. Educational field trips can help to grow points of view and often prove to be beneficial in the overall learning process.

“I think field trips are a great way to expand your perspective on studies when you are encountering experiences outside of the classroom setting,” Tolliver said.

Field trips like these add so much value to a student’s educational undertaking and general pleasure. Peers can hang loose and rest assured with no intimidating workloads lurking. Especially in the case of a theatrical venture, students may focus on the acting, stage production, props, and overall star quality.

“My favorite scenes in the show were probably with Mrs. Hubbard, she had most of the comedy bits and she did a great job delivering the lines and landing the jokes,” Tolliver said. 

These short journeys create a sense of enlightenment and improvement that is unmatched. The return of beloved field trips has sparked excitement throughout LCHS students and faculty alike.

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