Bentley: A Very Special Service Dog

Bentley posing for a pretty picture.
Bentley posing for a pretty picture.
Cheyenne Wiggins

Service dogs help people on a daily basis. Our school’s service dog, Bentley, supports his handler every minute of every day. Bentley has now attended our school for two years. Not every service dogs/animals help with the same things. For Bentley, ee assists Lindsey Graham—his handler—in managing her blood sugar and diabetes. 

“He helps me with my diabetes and my blood sugar when it’s too low or high,” Graham said.

Along with his caretaker, many students at the school adore Bentley. Most service dogs could calm or silent other people just by being around. You would think that Bentley’s presences alone would help kids in concentrating and relaxing, but in reality, the opposite is true.

“I doubt [that Bentley helps the kids focus]…he’s more like a distraction,” Graham said.

Bentley, like all service dogs, had to put in a lot of effort to achieve his designation; not every service dog spends their entire life working for it. Bentley has been taking care of his caregiver for a while and is still doing a fabulous job.

“I have had Bentley for about 2 and a half years now,” Graham said

We all participate in some sort of labor every day; it doesn’t have to be a paid job; it could be household duties, volunteer work, or even school. For Bentley, his job is to help his caretaker and make sure she’s safe.

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