Elective Showcase: Business and Management

Elective Showcase: Business and Management

In the modern-day world, you’ll see shops, restaurants, retail stores, or anything having to do with money or any valued currency. The shops you see today soley sell things that they know the public will either want or need. Business and Management help people know what people want and understand what items or categories are trending in today’s society. Students in Business: Alex Cornejo (11), Andrew Myers (11), Justin Almanza (11), Alejandro Amaya-Cruz (10), Brody Paxton (9), and Jesse Martin (9) tell us about their experience with Cindy Magliula (Staff Member).

Amaya-Cruz, Martin, and Myers joined Business because they enjoyed it and took it as a career path.

“I [chose to take Business] because maybe someday … [I’ll] be some kind of business manager,” Martin said.

“I was thinking [of] graduating on… business in some way,” Amaya-Cruz said. 

“I liked the teachers whenever I first started and it was pretty easy…so now I’m taking the second class,” Myers said.

For others, taking business allows them to understand the basic steps, take on family businesses, and allows them to grow grand like Paxton, Cornejo, Myers, and Almanza.

“[Taking Business taught me] many things in the world that people don’t know of… many techniques…[and] stuff like different types of jobs,” Almanza said.

“[The class] me…the steps for creating a business…,” Cornejo said.

“I can make my own business with [this class]… just [to] get my business degree,” Myers said.

“My dad runs a car dealership [and I know] I must take it,” said Paxton.

Students, Myers and Martin, love the class because of the meeting-like atmosphere with more debates than any other class. Myer’s elaborates on the harshness of the course.

“It’s a little like a business meeting in there so sometimes it will be a little strict,” Myers said.

“We can talk more [rather than] any other class,” Martin said.

Business is all about learning what customers want and need.  These students hope for the best in their Business career(s) and they hope to see you joining them in class soon. 

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