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Our newest addition to LCHS, Mrs. Collier and Ms. Scheetz, take their students outside for gym class.
Our newest addition to LCHS, Mrs. Collier and Ms. Scheetz, take their students outside for gym class.
Exzavier Shelton

This year at Lenoir City High School, we have two new Gym teachers! Their names are Mrs. Sheets and Mrs. Collier. Mrs. Sheets is the gym teacher for the school, while Mrs. Collier is the new girls basketball coach. They are both thrilled to have received this opportunity, and to teach kids about exercise all while building relationships with teachers and students.

Mrs. Sheets elaborates on her reasoning behind becoming a PE teacher. because she wants to teach kids about the importance of exercising and keeping healthy.

“I wanted to become a PE teacher because I want to give all of my knowledge to the kids…I also want to give the kids the right activity to ensure they understand what they should do,” Sheets said.

Sheets is very passionate about her job. She is looking forward to teaching the students the importance of staying active and the benefits of doing so. 

“[I’m looking forward to] meeting everyone [and] creating relationships with students and teachers…,” Sheets said.

On top of building bonds, Sheets is also looking forward to basketball season. She explains how excited she is to see how the girls play and how Collier trains her players.

“Im looking forward to [the] basketball season [i can’t wait to see how the girls play], But creating more relationships with the students and teachers is what i really look forward to”, Sheets said. 

Mrs. Collier was excited to be back into the classroom and to be the new girls basketball coach. She has been in the teaching business for a while now, and has been a coach/teacher at multiple schools. 

“I’ve been in [the] education [field] for 35 years. I was the girls basketball coach for Wells, Clinton, and Carms,” Collier said. 

Collier has always been an active person and she wants her students to be the same way. Basketball has made an huge impact on her life over the years. Being involved in basketball got her into her dream school and has inspired her to become a coach. She hopes that everyone who wants a career in sports like her gets a chance to achieve their dreams.

“Basketball has really given me my education and my motivation to stay active! I also like to be around young people, because I can see how their mind starts to change [as I show] them how much fun being active can be,” Collier said. 

Collier’s favorite part of teaching is working with the other teachers and students. Overall, she is very happy to be in the classroom again. 

“[I enjoy] the people I work with and the students. It feels good to be back in the classroom [because] begin around the students can really make your day,” Collier said.

Collier is ecstatic to see how her team plays for this years basketball season. She really wants to get another banner of the girls going and winning the championship game. 

“[I’m excited for] my team…[and]…to watch the players’ progression [throughout their high school career]. I hope that people will come and support us and watch our game. [I’m also really looking] forward to shaping these young girls lives,” Collier said. 

The new gym teachers/coaches are delighted to be here at LCHS. They both have great intentions and are super excited to see what the future has in store for them.

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