A Clean Slate: Classroom Changes at LCHS

An inside look of Coach Brewsters new classroom
An inside look of Coach Brewster’s new classroom
Dylan Brewster

Upon the new school year beginning, lots of changes have been made within the school. A great deal of swaps and switches have been done, such as classrooms, and new CTE course options. More teachers have been able to create their own classroom environment, with these kinds of major changes, they have created a better space for them and even their students to enjoy. Dylan Brewster, a teacher here at Lenoir City High School has made a major switch, from being an A/V production and business teacher, to teaching freshman seminar classes. He went from teaching kids how to edit videos, make podcasts, logos, and great small business techniques. To now teach freshmen how to make better habits and be better human beings. Although that seems like it would be a difficult change in setting, and within his teaching career, he did not let it affect him. 

“I was in my [original] room for one year, it’s been easy as well as fun. I get to hang out with the teachers around my class in the mornings and during class switches,” Brewster said. 

This would usually be a hard swap for a teacher, but everyone believed that Brewster was meant to teach a class like this. The reason for this is because people find him motivational, easy to get along with, dedicated, and reliable. This makes him fit for this role because it allows the freshman to look up to him, and understand the kind of person they need to be. 

Not only has this experience been different for teachers, but students as well. There are new routes you have to take to your classes and experience a new classroom environment. Angel Cruz (11) expresses that this change is weird, and definitely different for him and his course focus. 

“Criminal justice and cosmetology, [being moved] confused me the first couple days, and I wish criminal justice had a bigger classroom,” Cruz said. 

When one class gets switched and downsized for another class, that is a hard struggle, especially for students. This means less room for activities than certain course selection because of space availability. This can be really restricting for classes that are more hands on in the learning process. 

“[I wish cosmetology] was in it’s actual classroom which is currently under construction,” Cruz said. 

Most adults or teachers are better at adapting to changes like this, but it can still be just as hard for them sometimes. The biggest toll these adjustments are affecting are the students. Some kids had been going to the same classroom for one or two years, and now they are in a totally new space. Although these new changes benefit the school and help organize the layout, they’re going to take some getting used to.



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