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Serena Nguyen, Emma Cubberly, Ellie Sims
Girls from the 22-23  Homecoming Court
Serena Nguyen, Emma Cubberly, Ellie Sims Girls from the ’22-’23 Homecoming Court

Homecoming is fast approaching, and many candidates have already bought their dress for the big night. If not, they have been thinking about the exact dress they want. Dress shopping is a long process that takes careful consideration to find the perfect dress. The color and style of the dress are important qualities many of the nominees think about. 

The color of a dress is one of the hardest things to choose; there are so many colors to pick from. The candidates are choosing their colors on different criteria. Some are deciding their colors off their skin tone, family opinions, previous events, and the season. Caylie Adams (12) selected a lighter color dress for her grand night. 

“I got a white, sparkly, one-side dress. I really think that I will stand out once I am on the field,” Adams said. 

A common detail between the girls is the style of dress they want. Many of them are deciding on a more fitted style of dress. Tighter dresses can bring a sense of courage to the person wearing the dress. Maggie Tate (12) is one of the many candidates that also choose a close-fitting dress.                             

“It’s kind of tight with an open back,” Tate said.

Dress shopping is something many candidates think about immediately after they are nominated. Many like to gather their friends and family to help them feel ready for the event. Shelsy Pineda (12) believes that finding a dress is a typical task that all girls do. 

“Yes, I think it is just a girl thing. We like to feel that we are prepared. We like to feel that we are going to look good that night. And since it’s a big event I bet everyone just wants to feel very nice in whatever they wear,” Pineda said. 

The candidates are so excited for Homecoming. No matter what color or style of the dress the girls will be wearing, all will look stunning while they walk down the field. Look out for the glamorous dresses all the girls will be wearing! 

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