On to a new chapter


High school has been a roller coaster of emotions. It is a time when individuality is formed; and for most, it’s a rocky road that takes time to travel. One of the most apparent opportunities I missed out on is the classes that are offered. If I had taken the time to delve deeper into all of the classes, I would’ve had a more enjoyable experience. That being said, Digital Arts and Journalism gave me something to look forward to daily.

My freshman and sophomore years were partly wasted because I was too focused on myself rather than my school experience. Although it may seem strange to call it a “waste,” it’s important to find a balance between personal time, and time devoted to education. During my sophomore year, I made the decision to test the waters of honors classes and see if it was the right path for me. And, although I did well in those classes, the results did not carry over to junior year.

A wonderful opportunity to take note of is AP classes, which can grant you college credits at certain colleges. However, after the test, I soon realized that my skill set was not fit for the test. However, this resulted in me taking easier classes my senior year, so I could relax during my final year of high school.

Digital arts was perfect for me to stretch out my creativity, and truly enjoy a class. However, what truly stuck out in the class was the teacher. Mrs. Wallace goes out of her way to provide advice to anyone in need, and her sense of humor always brightens my day. I later joined her Journalism class, and after one semester of it, I decided to follow up by doing a full year. The team is always full of life, and there is always someone who is willing to help out. Although my high school experience was full of ups and downs, overall I would say high school has helped me mature and develop important skills.