Goodbye, Lenoir City High School


As May 12 grows nearer and nearer, with our senior year drawing to a final close, I’ve been looking back on a few memories that have shaped the course of my career within the walls of Lenoir City High School. I ought to start at my freshman year, but in all actuality I don’t think I fully gained consciousness until much, much later. I do remember, however, the day I found out we weren’t going to be coming back after spring break–I could never guess why. The day I found out, I was sitting in my bedroom, enjoying what I believed to be the last few days before I was back in school for eight hours a day, when I got the notification that all classes were canceled for an additional two weeks. I think we all know how those two weeks ended up. 

Onto some of the more fond memories, my sophomore year biology class was an interesting, sometimes gross experience. Hadley–one of your amazing 2023 newspaper editors–and I were assigned to be partners for the frog dissection lab (sounds gross, is gross) and thankfully, by some external force, Hadley did the actual poking and prodigy of the frog. Come to think of it, we never actually turned in our lab for that project, but either way I had a lot of laughs during it, and I hope Hadley did as well. 

My junior year, the first mostly normal year covid-wise, shines through in my memory as a time I spent with the band. As far as I remember there wasn’t much more actual time spent with them, I guess that’s the aforementioned ringing of consciousness again. Anyways, I had lots of fun that year performing with everyone, in our little blue costumes–which is still hanging up in my closet, alongside all the others. 

Now, onto the most recent year. Spring break of my senior year, I went to New York City with journalism and some friends. Emma, McKenzie, Hadley, Renee, Rebecca, Ruthie, and Ellie, I had so much fun spending the week with you all. I don’t think I’ll laugh as hard as I did in the Cozy Soup and Burger ever again, mostly thanks to Ruthie and her amazing sense of humor. Our collective 30 miles of walking around that city definitely resulted in some great memories, and even better jokes. 

Thank you LCHS for making these past four years such an interesting, memorable experience. As I move on to the next chapter in my life, I’ll be sure to remember all the amazing people and activities you’ve introduced me to.