My Final Farewell


These past three years have been something that I wouldn’t trade for the world. Throughout my time in the LCHS journalism program, I have served as business manager and co-editor-in-chief of the yearbook. These past few years have been the best, seriously. I have loved each and every friendship I’ve made. I just want to thank the people who got me through these 4 years of high school and who helped create this love letter to the school.

I would first like to thank my lovely co-editor, Brooke Ion. Brooke, you have stuck by my side since the sixth grade, and you have blossomed into an amazing human. We have had so many lovely memories, and I am devastated that our colleges will be three and a half hours apart. I am so thankful for our manic yearbook panics and our hoarding of food in the back room (sorry Wallace). I’m going to miss having you at my desk every day. Speaking of having someone at my desk every day, I’m going to thank Fallon Sherrill. Fallon literally sits at my desk every single day. We actually share one workspace and honestly typing this now just feels comical. You are who I’m most sad to leave. I mean I’ve known you since you were 4. It feels so odd finally leaving you.

I would also like to thank our AMAZING newspaper editors. Hadley and McKenzie–you two awe me. Hadley has been with me since our first year of journalism when we didn’t even know what a spread was, and wow did we struggle. McKenzie has become one of my best friends. You are always the one person I can turn to if I am in dire need of Cruze Farms’ Ice Cream. You guys help make this program what it is.

I’d also like to thank my best friend and boyfriend all in one. Sebastian, you really always know how to motivate me when I am feeling down on myself. You know just how much I’ve taken on this year, and you know exactly what to say to provide me comfort.

Another person I’d like to thank is my Mom. Mom, you’ve been my biggest supporter. I know we’ve had a rough year without Dad, but you have helped me through it immensely. I love you.

Last but not least, thank you Mrs. Wallace. You fostered a love for photography, digital art, and journalism. You were the very first class I walked into at LCHS my freshman year. You encouraged me to join a program that I knew nothing about and helped me prosper.

Thank you all, and thank you LCHS Journalism. 2020-2023

-Emma Cubberley