Great Season, Great Finale


The girls basketball team was on top of their game this year! Winning game after game, the girls continued to stay strong and stay together as a team. They did so well that they were able to make it to the regionals. Katelyn Kilgore, a senior who is a part of the team, shares her experience going through these tournaments.

The team’s hard work certainly paid off, allowing them to make it well into the finals.

“We made it to regional semi-finals which means we made it to the second round of region plays,” Kilgore said.

Making it that far came with its challenges, but the Lady Panthers were able to persevere. By staying together as a team, the girls were able to overcome the hardships they faced.

“[The most challenging part of making it to finals was] playing against really good competition, but we were still able to stick together as a team,” Kilgore said.

A big motivator for Kilgore was the bond her and her teammates had with each other. This connection allowed her to push through all of the difficult times. It was a comfort for Kilgore to know her teammates had her back.

[What kept me motivated was] knowing our potential and the bond that we had together–I did not want it to end,” Kilgore said.

It was also really exciting for Kilgore to see her and her teammates’ hard work pay off.

“[The most exciting part was] realizing all our hard work paid off. It was also exciting that we were undefeated in the districts,” Kilgore said.

Kilgore and her teammates are proud of all they have accomplished this season. While Kilgore is graduating this year, she looks forward to seeing all her team will accomplish in the next season!