The Group Leader


The Boys and Girls Clubs of America is where kids go to do their homework, learn, grow, and move forward with their lives throughout their school years. The Boys and Girls Club can even help with college tuition. The Alumni & Friends scholarship is a scholarship that can help kids improve their education. There are state, regional, and national youth winners every year. Derrick Ingram (12) is a state winner, earning himself $2,500 towards his college tuition. 

Not only does this organization give out scholarships to its high school seniors, but it’s also an important part of many children’s days after school. As a kid, Ingram was shy; however, when he enrolled in the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, he started to open up. This lead Ingram down a great path to being a leader throughout his high school years. 

 β€œ[Boys and girls club] really developed my character. I was a shy kid nobody wanted to talk to. This helped me be more social and make friends,” Ingram said. 

The Boys and Girls Clubs of America has changed Ingram’s life. It has been a blessing to Ingram, and he will always be so grateful for what this organization has taught him. Now a senior, Ingram has turned into a leader and a motivator for all of the other students and kids there. Considering Ingram’s character, it’s no surprise he received the Alumni & Friends scholarship.

β€œIt was not that difficult [to earn the alumni and friends scholarship]. All you have to do is be really nice and a good leader and motivator. This really was a blessing [for me],” Ingram said. 

Ingram’s involvement with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America has impacted his life so much. He now has $2,500 to use for college, and this has given him a head-start financially. Ingram is extremely grateful for how this organization has changed his life for the better.