Who Will Win? Seniors or Faculty?


Ephram Hobbs, Staff Writer

Every year, the Lenoir City High School faculty challenges students to a competitive game of basketball as a fundraiser to help the track and cross country teams. The game, which is primarily between faculty and senior students, invites the rest of the school to take a break from their academics and watch as their peers and instructors compete against one another.

Since the game is held during the day and is between students and faculty, students get to be the coaches! One of these coaches is Katelyn Kilgore (12), who has been highly involved in athletics since middle school. 

“I think it’s different because I play a coach, so knowing I’ll be coaching other students makes me feel old,” Kilgore said.

Along with coaches, there are student referees. This gives students the chance to go from playing the game to being able to watch the game and correct what students and/or teachers do wrong. The referee for this game is Natalie Johnson (12), who is currently on the LCHS basketball team.

“I’m excited to be a ref. It’s a big change from actually playing because now I have to look at everybody and see if there is anything they are doing wrong and be able to call it out and correct them,” Johnson said.

Now some students get to step into more familiar territory and play against the faculty. Many of the students on the team have played basketball before, so they may even have the upper hand! Helen Harper (12) has been given the chance to play after watching for the past few years.

“I’m really excited because I think it looks fun. I’ve wanted to play in the game for the past few years that I’ve watched it. I think it would be fun to play and not take it too seriously,” Harper said.

This game has been a LCHS tradition for years, and students and teachers alike come to cheer on their teams. The game will take place on February 16th with tickets, which will be $3, going on sale the day before. The track and cross country teams will use the money from the ticket sales for their own funds. Come support your LCHS panthers track and cross country teams!