Good Eatin’ at LCHS


Friday, January 20th was Lenoir City High School’s hundredth day in session this year! For the first time, the school decided to reward the students for this feat with fun activities. This is something that faculty have been wanting to put together since last year.

I actually got an email from Mrs. Yoder a year or so ago suggesting the idea. It was a little late that school year to put anything together, but we had it on our books as something to add for this school year,” Mrs. Mullinax said.

That idea took form as something that everyone in the school could participate in, if they chose to: a contest. Mrs. Mullinax explains the process of organizing school-wide events, such as the advisory shirt design contest hosted for the hundredth day celebrations.

“The first thing is the idea. Mrs. Crabtree and I try to keep our ears open to what is trending and how to put twists on old contests to make them a little different. Next, of course, we take the ideas to Mrs. Hoglund to get a final approval,” Mrs. Mullinax said.

When ideas are approved, the school is able to hold large events for everyone in the building. Thanks to the success of last year’s field day, the school has had more opportunities to surprise the student body. One thing that the faculty has been able to carry over into this year is the food truck visits. In order to have the trucks work here for the day, Mrs. Mullinax and Mrs. Crabtree worked together to organize a group of diverse trucks for the students to enjoy.

“Starting with the field day of last year, I have made a contact list of trucks we have had good relationships with. It is actually a little difficult to find trucks as many don’t want to come to schools, I have no idea why. But I also try to make sure I am finding trucks that are within a good price range and are serving food Lenoir City students want. I am hoping to add at least one or two more savory options before field day, so I am always reaching out to contact trucks when I see them pop up on social media,” Mrs. Mullinax said.

The staff members at LCHS are always working to improve student life. These events are great opportunities for students to have fun during their time in high school, and will continue to get even better as time goes on.