Snow Many Ways To Relax!


As you may know, the weather here in East Tennessee is hardly ever consistent. Most of the time our hopes for a winter wonderland seem laughable. Every now and then the weather takes us by surprise, and the flurries begin to fall! Even if the only type of ‘winter wonderland’ Lenoir City ever sees is a dusting of snow, we still make the best out of it! 

Although lots of people enjoy being out in the snow, some prefer to use the day off to rest and relax. Not everyone particularly enjoys the cold, and Mercy Catota (10) agrees!

 “[On snow days] I like to read alone in my bed. Sometimes I like to drink hot cocoa, and I’ll just put a Christmas movie on,” Catota said.

Taking time for yourself, and simply doing things you enjoy makes a big impact on your life. Speaking of enjoyable things, who doesn’t like hot chocolate? Ephram Hobbs (12), is not one of those people!

“I think hot chocolate is the perfect drink for snowy weather because it’s so warm and comforting. It really just makes you feel good on cold days,” Ephram Hobbs.

With snow being such a rare occurrence for Lenoir City, being completely prepared for the wintery weather is unforeseen. Being unprepared for the dangers of snow can cause serious issues for our town. The predicament we typically face is the conditions of the roads, and whether or not they are safe enough to be driven on. Jeanne Barker, Director of Schools in Lenoir City, Tennessee, explains that taking proper actions to maintain the safety of the students is crucial during winter weather. 

“We have roads in Lenoir City that our buses drive that are curvy and hilly.  We also have many students who drive themselves to school,” Barker said. 

When roads are not treated appropriately, the formation of black ice is hard to avoid. According to the USDOT, “Over 1,300 people are killed and more than 116,800 people are injured in vehicle crashes on snowy, slushy or icy pavement annually.”

With this in mind, Barker thoroughly considers the safety of the roads during winter months. Barker pays close attention to the factors that contribute to dangerous conditions while making the fundamental decision to close the schools. 

“[The] factors that impact safety and affect my decision include the road conditions [when closing our schools are], are they icy?  Has the city road department treated them? Has the sun been bright enough to melt any accumulated snow?” Barker said.

Overall, snow days bring lots of enjoyment to the citizens of our town. Taking the time off to relax and practice gratitude is a perfect way to spend a snow day! Playing in the snow and making memories that last a lifetime is wonderful as well. Either way, making safety a top priority should always come first.