The Last Supper


Tristan Rice, Staff Writer

For the majority of the school year, students go through their school day and treat it like every other. However, some students await the main event of their day: lunch. Lunch can be one of the most controversial topics in the school, as many students are adamant about which lunch is good and which lunch is bad. 

The high school cafeteria houses an array of many different lunches for the students to choose from. The cafeteria always houses Smart Mouth personal pizzas, sandwich boxes, and a salad bar for those who want to stay on the healthier side. Although students may enjoy the consistent choices for lunch, the everso changing choices of lunch every day are what is up for discussion.

One of the top choices for the best lunch was the steak & gravy along with mashed potatoes, fruit, and rolls. Megan Osborne (12) voiced her love for this popular school lunch option.

“It may look nasty, but it is so good. It is so crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The gravy is amazing and the rolls are stellar,” Osborne said.

Although this option never leaves the cafeteria menu, many students adore the LCHS salad bar. The salad bar offers a selection of mixed greens and many fruits & vegetables. Nancy Poisal (12) elaborates on why the salad bar is her favorite lunch.

“The salad bar is always my go-to. It is always fresh ingredients. It is the freshest option we have at the school,” Poisal said.

Some students have an underrated choice for their favorite lunch: cheese bites. Many students enjoy the delicious cheese bites with marinara and fries, as it makes the perfect trio. Keanna Albright (9) exclaims her love for these tasty snacks in an interview.

“The cheese bites are phenomenal. It pleasures my taste buds with its warm, crunchy insides, and creamy center. The marinara just elevates the taste altogether,” Albright said.

In a poll conducted among students, results showed that cheese bites were the most popular lunch option, while steak & gravy was the least popular of the top three choices. Even though the student body has primary favorites, students have many different favorites. Everyone has different likes and dislikes, so there are no wrong favorites.