Set the Stage


The time is coming for highschool seniors to start preparing for their big day: graduation! High school students spend years working on their grades and test scores, setting themselves up for the day they finally get to walk across the stage and get their diploma. After working for years to get to this point, it is with no doubt that students are starting to feel that the time is drawing near.

Coming with graduation is many changes. For example, graduation will be at 7pm this year, compared to previous years’ being at 10am. Similarly, it has changed from Saturday to Friday, which helps accommodate for the time change. Also, the seniors have new robes! They are composed mainly of black fabric, but with a school-spirited twist. There is a Lenoir City High School school emblem on the chest and vibrant orange stripes on the arms. With these changes comes much excitement from seniors, like Caitlin Lantz.

“I’m happy that it’s later at night because that means it won’t be too hot in the caps and gowns,” Lantz said.

Before graduation, though, seniors have a lot of fun events to attend. There is an awards night on Tuesday, May 9th before graduation day. This night is used to celebrate seniors for their accomplishments that they have made throughout their high school years. Seniors will get scholarship announcements, chords, and class awards, all of which show their peers and families what all they did during their time in high school. One person who is especially excited for awards night is Emma Cubberley.

“I am most excited about awards night because I will get corded for journalism and I am really looking forward to seeing the awards my peers get,” Cubberley said.

Along with awards night, seniors get to attend their last day of school filled with fun activities. On the last day, Lenoir City High School is having a field day, as well as having a play put on by the theater class, and, finally, seniors will be able to get their final yearbook during distribution. This day is for giving the student body, especially the seniors, a fun, relaxing end to the school year. Jaden Briggs expresses her enthusiasm towards the upcoming day of fun.

“I am very excited. I cannot wait for my last day here. I’m excited for the field day, I feel it will be a good send off,” Briggs said.

When it comes to graduating, seniors have a lot on their plate. There is preparation, stress, and money that goes into it, but they get days of fun to relieve that stress. Students may not want to graduate, but getting to walk across that stage and have your diploma in hand can be a gratifying and freeing experience.