New slurps in Lenoir City


Expanding communities is a challenging yet exciting thing. Here in Lenoir City, many see this not only as a small community, but home. Building up the town opens a lot of opportunities for this small rural town in Tennessee. With many new stores, living places, and restaurants opening up, one of these being Smoothie King. 

Lenoir City High School junior, Jocelyn Ramirez shared her thoughts. 

“l’m really excited about it opening because I don’t have to drive 30 minutes when I want a smoothie,” Ramirez said.

Many see this as a way of Lenoir city expanding the community and bringing more people in. Ramirez being a resident here gives us some insight to her opinion. 

“Yes I do believe that it’s expanding LC more because we’re starting to get more business around here,” Ramirez said.

Lenoir City has expanded through the roof over the past couple of years bringing in people from all over the country. Opening all these stores not only brings in more people but also opens many job opportunities for residents. Ramirez also shares why this is important to the community and the residents. 

“Opening up all these jobs can really create more living space for the residents here and make Lenoir City more popular. I think it’s important for the community to continue to open up more and more stores, restaurants, etc. I’ve lived here for basically my whole life and I’ve seen so much growth in the town more than ever before,” Ramirez said.

Not only will the opening of the smoothie king benefit residents, people traveling through Lenoir City and getting off the exit have more options to choose between. This allows more business for Lenoir City.

“I have not been to Smoothie King yet, but I’m looking forward to being able to drive a few minutes down the road to get a smoothie instead of west Knoxville,” Ramirez said.

The bigger the community gets the more money the town can bring in to help fund many of the communities roads, schools and much more. 

“I think that when a new store opens up it raises more money for more than just the company but also for the community, the money can help a lot of businesses and schools, so I think it’s pretty important that so many stores are opening up, like Smoothie King,” Ramirez said.

Each small town has their own way of living and their own type of community, but Lenoir City is working each day to expand and allow more people and residents to have more access to stores and bring in more money. Smoothie King is open and ready to serve the people of Lenoir City!