New field, New year!


Exzavier Shelton , Staff writer

The baseball field at Lenoir High school is getting the infield renovated! The reason they are getting new turf on the baseball field is because it is better all year round. Playing on grass and mud could lead to many problems like falling while running for the ball or running for bases. In September of 2022, they added turf to the infield. The players will not have to worry about running the mud and grass in the infield anymore. They could run more comfortably for the ball without slipping, falling, or losing balance. 


When Mr. Brittian was talking about getting new turf for the football field/soccer field, the general athletics thought of an idea. They thought that they should also add turf to the baseball field as well as to the football/soccer fields.  


When we discussed redoing the football/soccer field with turf, general athletics pitched the idea to the superintendent and school board to add turf to the baseball field,” Brittain said. 


The difference between grass and artificial turf is that you have to worry less about the field tearing up from playing on it for too long or too much. This will also give the players some more grip on the ground to keep running without slipping or falling on accident, especially during rainy days/seasons like winter and spring. 


Changing from grass to turf allows our baseball team to utilize the field year-round.  Winter is a rainy season, with turf you don’t have to worry about tearing up the field and mud,” Brittain said. 


In September 2022 the school replaced the infield with artificial turf and used Baseline sports products and a Shaw product to make the infield look the way it looks now. 


“In September, we added artificial turf in the infield.  We used Baseline sports and a Shaw product,” said Brittain 


Artificial turf is easier to manage and maintain; it does not change easily like mud or grass. Winter is a very rainy season for sports and it is un-ideal to have grass/mud on the field. The baseball players could have more practice during the winter. This would increase the practice time of the players during the winter season and year-round.


“The reason for renovating the field was to provide a consistent playing surface for our baseball team. It will allow the infield to be used throughout the year and reduce maintenance,” Brittain said. 


This goes without saying that renovating the baseball field along with the football/soccer field is a significant upgrade. This amazing thing that the school has done to these fields to let their players have more practice during rainy days/seasons. This can ensure that the players are going to be hard at work this year.