The Winter Formal


Pierson Layer, Staff Writer

The Winter Formal is coming up. On the 28th of January the Winter Formal will begin. This event will be for 9-12 grade levels. It will be held at the Venue at 6pm through 9pm. Tickets are going to be $45 and you will be able to purchase these through the 20th of January after turning in the signed permission slip.

Eli Park (11) is a student helping to make the Winter Formal run smoothly. Park is the co-head of the WIFO committee. Park helps mainly with decorations, but he also helps pull things together, and he creates most of the graphics for advertisements. Park shares what color scheme he was considering for the dance.

“For this year’s Winter Formal, we didn’t want it to be a stereotypical blue and silver theme. This year we are sticking to warm, dark tones like sage greens, velvet reds, and leather browns,” Park said.

Park suggests that people should dress close to the theme of the Winter Formal.

“Most students have already bought their clothes for the Winter Formal, and it’s fine if people wear colors like silver or blue. If they want to fit in with the theme, they should aim for darker colors like sage, velvet, and so on,” Park said.

Since Winter Formal hasn’t been done in several years, there will have to be some changes made to keep upcoming events the best that they can be.

“Not only will this year’s WIFO be different from the past years, but it will also help financially support the prom,” Park said.

Park has also been preparing for the dance beyond the decorations.

“The WIFO committee is currently making a perfect playlist for the students to party to. In addition to this, the wide variety of foods on the menu will also be exciting for some to explore,” Park said.

Park hopes you will come to the winter formal and enjoy this special event. Don’t forget to purchase your Winter Formal tickets during advisory.