Mexico Eliminated, Fans Devastated


Ashley Ramirez, Staff Writer

From screaming their lungs out to crying for their players, Mexican fans are devastated: Mexico has been eliminated from the World Cup 2022. With 130 million citizens, their hopes are shattered. Mexico has been in the world cup for 28 years, leaving fans desperate for a win. Booming off their start with the match against Poland on November 22, they ended in a tie. Proceeding to the next match against Argentina. Mexico left its fans standing on their toes. Carlos Ramirez expresses his remorse when Mexico was defeated 2-0 against Argentina.

“I knew it was going to be an interesting match, my family and I were rooting for Mexico,” Ramirez said. 

He had hoped Mexico would enter with the comeback, taking the World Cup in their hands. Ashley Espinoza (12) felt the world collapse as she watched Mexico vs. Saudi Arabia.  

“I felt sad, defeated, and mostly that life was unfair. I had to come to terms that Mexico lost,” Espinoza said. 

Mexico was defeated in Group C, leaving fans shocked. Vannesa Castro (12) felt a great sadness overcome her as her home country took a loss once again. 

“I was really devastated, but happy to see the other teams advance. It made me root for them instead,” Castro said. 

Although Mexico has been eliminated from the World Cup, the team has flashing qualities that will help them conquer the next World Cup. Practicing hard, Mexico fans will be ready to support the team with more love than ever.