Winter Wonderland


Serena Nguyen, Art & Photography Director

Hot chocolate in hand with fuzzy socks on, looking outside as fluffy snowflakes softly paint the sky. As the weather starts to get colder and colder, more and more colorful lights, Christmas trees, and ornaments paint the winter wonderland. Considerably the most popular holiday, people gather to celebrate and participate in holiday fun. Things like sledding, snowboarding, shopping, and skating are some of the wonders of wintertime. 

“My favorite winter activity is going on my yearly trip to the mountains with my family. We ski, snowboard, and drive on icy roads and drink hot chocolate,” SaraJane Webber (11) said.

For a cozier winter, some may like to take a stroll and watch movies. For Beau Fraker (11), his favorite winter activity is mainly spending time with his family.

“I go look at Christmas lights and watch Christmas movies with my family. My favorite Christmas movie is Polar Express,” Fraker said.

And others love the cold and snow, Exzavier Shelton (11) enjoys making memories with his brother.

“My favorite winter activity is playing in the snow like snowball fighting with my brother and making memories,” Shelton said.

Winter signifies different things for different types of people. Winter makes people feel relax to being joyful for the events occurring during winter.

“What signifies winter is when I see all the sparkly colorful Christmas lights around town and my home,” Weber said.

Similarly, Fraker enjoys the winter through its’ holidays.

“Christmas signifies winter for me because it’s my favorite holiday. It just reminds me of my childhood and memories,” Fraker said.

“I love to see my family during Christmas. In some ways it reminds me of being a kid by opening gifts and spending quality time with my family,” Shelton said.

With mittens on, nose red, and layers of clothes on, wintertime begins. With families playing in the snow, strolling along the Christmas lights, to even play fighting, sweet memories are made.