Win or Learn


As fall sports end, many winter clubs and teams around the nation begin their seasons. One of these many sports being high school wrestling–and with wrestlers around the state proudly representing their schools, LCHS student Andrew Lucas (10) must represent another, William Blount High School.

Just weeks prior, he was #80 on the football field for Lenoir City Football and within days of that season-ending, he was back on the mat for William Blount to help keep him primed.

 “[Wrestling] benefits football in a way that’s not superficial. It’s conditioning,” Lucas said.

 Lucas, much like the rest of his team, has a drive and passion for wrestling. It can present challenges, with the 30-minute commute to and from after-school practices, not to mention team matches that take him miles from home.

“I do a lot of my homework during class, making sure to optimize my time,” Lucas said.

His 4.0 GPA shows his diligence, and, on the mat, he shows great potential–so much so, that he was named captain of his WB wrestling team.

 “They see a lot of worth in me, they can push for more. If someone wants me to do something, it will happen,” Lucas said.

At a recent match where he dominated his opponent, his humility shone through. There’s no showboating, but rather a respectful nod and quick handshake to his rival and the opposing team’s coaches.

 No matter how he performs, Lucas always leaves a match reflecting on his performance, analyzing what he could have done differently, and talking with WB Wrestling Assistant Coach, Scot Lucas, about how to improve. When asked what it’s like to have your dad as one of your coaches, Lucas explains.

“He’s pretty fair and objective, helps keep me grounded,” Lucas said.

Despite how easy it can be to get discouraged; Lucas tackles any challenge he can with a positive mindset. And through that attitude, he cheers up himself and the people around him.

 “I’m a very optimistic person, I’m able to pick out the positives,” Lucas said.

 But along with these benefits that come with wrestling, Lucas wants the chance to represent his school, in a way that he can’t now.

 “If I was able to wrestle [for Lenoir City] I feel like I could wrestle better than [I do for] William Blount, because I would have people who would know me on a deeper level. I like my William Blount teammates, they are a good group, but they know each other from class or other activities. It’s not the same,” Lucas said.

 Overall, Lucas keeps the faith, knowing that with enough interest, a wrestling program here at LCHS is a possibility, even if he’s already graduated before it could come to fruition. Until then, he uses every opportunity to better himself and push himself to the best of his ability. And maybe one day, to not only represent himself but his school as well.