It is great to be a Tennessee Vol!


The Vols football team ended their season at a great stopping point! The Volunteers ended the season with a 10-2 record. With only losing to the University of Georgia and South Carolina, the Vols made some pretty unbelievable plays and won many unbelievable games. This season for the Vols, the campus also hosted not one but two college gamedays. This is a huge event that takes place at schools that deserve to be recognized that week and that also have a rivalry game.

Tennessee managed to also win the biggest game of the season for UTK football: The Alabama game. The Vols played outstanding 52-49 and also had 182 rushing yards. Not only did they end up beating the biggest rivals, but they also beat the Gators from the University of Florida. The Vols won this game 38-33 with the support of many Vol fans at Neyland Stadium. One of the dedicated Vol fans shares his overlook from the past football season. Junior at Lenoir City High School, Beau Fraker shares:

“I enjoyed watching the Tennessee vs Alabama game because it was a good offensive game,” Fraker said. 

Aside from having great wins, Fraker shares the game that did not have a good overall outcome.

“I really hated seeing the Vols lose to South Carolina because it ruined Tennessee’s playoff chances,” Fraker said.

There are only 3 words Fraker would describe this past season: “Exciting, disappointing, and hopeful,” Fraker said. 

With such a good football season many fans are looking forward to the next season, Vol fan shares their hopes for the 2023 season. 

“For the defense to play better and the offensive to continue to play well,” Fraker said.

Out of all the players on the field many stuck out to several different fans. For Fraker, he noticed the offensive lines’ great connection. 

“I really noticed Hendon Hooker and Jaylen Hyatt throughout the season because of their chemistry on the field,” Fraker said.

And of course with a great season comes controversy, especially after beating Alabama. 

“Dixieland delight is a Tennessee song!” Fraker said. 

All in all The Tennessee Vols had a great winning season. They ended their regular season games just last Friday against Vanderbilt in Nashville. Sadly, Hendon Hooker got injured in the South Carolina game which led him to sit out his last game. Tennessee fans can look back at this season and say we fought like Volunteers and are going to go into the next season with determination to be better than ever.