Spirit Week

Every year the week before the homecoming game the Lenoir City High School has an annual Spirit Week. This year the Student Council has chosen each day for the students to dress up. This year the Spirit days are: Disney/Superhero day, Senior Citizens Day, Throwback Thursday, Orange and Black day. The class that dresses up the most, has the best banner, and cheers the loudest will receive the Spirit Sword. The Spirit Sword was made by the High School’s Carpentry class. The pep rally was held during fourth block on Friday. It was led by Mr.Holloway and Ms.Tallent announced the winning class. This years winning class is the seniors. Now the seniors will vote on a student in their grade to carry the sword to all school events until next years Homecoming. The students are very excited to participate in dressing up during school. Sophomore Maria Gonzalez remarked that, “My favorite part about Spirit Week is being spontaneous about outfits without being judged.”
To add to the students excitement there also was a homecoming parade. The Parade was held in downtown Lenoir City. It included the Homecoming Court, many of the high school’s student clubs, the Lenoir City High School’s Marching Band, the football team, the cheerleaders, and a few organizations outside of the school. The parade was held on Thursday at 6:00 p.m. Mr.Weeks announced the floats as they drove past, he also invited everyone who attended the parade to come and support the football team at the game Friday night. The students in the parade, and onlookers were all very pumped up by the parade, and had high hopes for the Friday night game.