LCHS Swim Team Makes a Comeback!


High school swimming, an activity that many choose to indulge in, can help you relieve stress, build muscles, and teach you about the importance of being in a team. This rings true across the country, with many swim teams being formed through their respective high schools, one of these participants being Lenoir City High School. 

As the season begins, with the team’s first meet just around the corner, one swimmer, Andrew Bennett, awaits the chance to succeed.

“It’s been a while since I’ve swam, like since the summer season,” Bennett said.

Bennett has been swimming for years, and as he moves into his junior year of high school, he expresses hope for himself and his teammates.

“I’ll need to work a little bit, but I feel pretty good, and I think we’ll do good,” Bennett said.

Along with hope for the upcoming season, bonds within the team flourish, as Bennett goes on to share what he looks forward to the most.

“Seeing my friends again [is what I’m the most excited about],” Bennett said.

Bennett then shares what his goals are for the new season.

“Hopefully [we will] make state,” Bennett said.

 Much like any other athlete, Bennett has a great love for the sport, as he then says what he loves most about his swim team.

“[I love] the people [the most] probably, and I’ve been doing it for several years,” Bennett said.

Overall, Andrew Bennett, along with the rest of the swim team, is excited to see what comes next for him and the team itself.