2022 Fall Choir Concert


Landin Brock, Staff Writer

On October 3rd, 2022, the men’s choir and the honors auditioned choir group Singers put on a performance featuring sea shanties, Scottish and Japanese pieces, gospel, and even pirate garb. The concert was the culmination of 9 weeks of hard work from both the Singers and Men’s Choir programs, and was attended by families, friends, and staff.

The Men’s Choir group followed a pirate theme, and performed the pieces “Hoist the Colors,” “What Shall We Do With a Drunken Sailor,” and “Pirate Song.” They also performed a traditional Japanese fisherman’s song called “Soran Bushi.” The performance was lively and entertaining and featured eye patches, a jolly roger flag, and a pirate sword in place of a baton.

According to Men’s Choir member Craig Tarpley (12), the experience was a lot of fun.

“It’s fun to sing on stage with my comrades,” Tarpley said.

Tarpley’s favorite piece to perform was “Pirate Song.”

“The Pirate’s song was extremely fun. We had a lot of choreography, and  it was just an overall good time,” Tarpley said.

Following the Men’s Choir performance, Singers performed a diverse collection of songs, including the Scottish song “Loch Lomond,” the traditional hymn “For This Joy,” the gospel song “The Storm is Passing Over,” and the traditional closing song “The Lord Bless You and Keep You.”

According to Aaron Mitchell (12), a proud member of Singers, the concert was the product of dedication and hard work. 

“It was very enjoyable just because of the hard work that we put in during the first 9 weeks of school, and it paid off a lot for everyone,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell considers the experience a rewarding bonding opportunity.

“The hard work was worth the concert. Overall, I think it was a good bonding experience for everyone,” Mitchell said. 

Indeed, the performance was both exciting and engaging, and provided the community with an excellent opportunity to enjoy the arts.