High School Art Academy

High School Art Academy

Naomi Huichapa, Staff Writer

The University of Tennessee offers many opportunities for high school students looking for an education in visual arts. Art workshops provided by faculty and alumni give participants an immersive experience of what a typical art class is like in U.T. They offer courses in drawing, painting, sculpting, ceramics, photography, printmaking, letterpress, and film. 

This encouraged high school student, Evelyn Baeza (12), to take a look into the process of printmaking. 

“The art class provided a good look into what a typical class at the UT Art School would be. It was an environment filled with enthusiastic students and passionate teachers,” Baeza said. 

She was able to learn printmaking from the instructor of the class. 

“From the one day I got to attend the class, I learned a lot about the art of printmaking. Our instructor made sure we knew all the steps of the printing process, everything from creating our prints to different methods of pressing through ink,” Baeza said. 

UT Art Workshops has given many high school students the chance to experience and learn about visual arts. Take the opportunity to register for the next workshop and view what UT has to offer.