The Senior ACT is Just Around The Corner


The senior ACT is coming up this October 4th, so seniors are preparing to take this big test. The ACT is important because the scores are used for admission into colleges, as well as scholarships. Whether or not you get into a certain college, receive a certain scholarship, or get into a certain program is all dependent on your ACT score.

Jayden Miller (12) has taken the ACT multiple times, and he is determined to improve his score. Miller tells us the ways he is trying to study to receive an even better score than he already has. 

“I am taking practice quizzes online to prepare for the ACT and looking up test tips to help get through the tests faster,” Miller said.

Miller has been preparing for his final time taking the test. Because he has taken the test before, Miller knows what his strengths and weaknesses are. 

“The hardest part of the ACT for me is the reading portion because I’m not a fast reader,” Miller said.

Although Miller’s most difficult challenge is the reading portion, he is motivated to improve and hopes to succeed in all areas. 

My desired ACT score is 25 because I want to do better than the last time I took the test,” Miller said.

All in all, Miller’s hardwork and determination to improve is what all seniors need to have when approaching this test. Wish every senior you know good luck!