Welcome back Coach Simmons!


A new school year leads to new beginnings for everyone. LCHS’ last baseball season was a success making it through districts and fighting through tough games. The panthers strived for excellence. The one person that helped them maintain this mindset was the head coach; Aaron Simmons. During the summer, the school learned that coach Simmons was saying goodbye to his time at LCHS as a teacher and his head coach role. Coming back into the school year, the community welcomed back Simmons after a brief break. He announced his return to help lead our community and school through excellence. 

Arriving back, Simmons maintains the same feelings as his passion calls him back.

“It’s a passion so of course I am very grateful to be back here; when you are passionate about something it always seems to have a way of finding you,” Simmons said.

Other than just his passion calling him back, Simmons felt that the school was just too good to give up.

“The players, the kids, the people I work with–sometimes you just have that bond. Like I said, you always find a way back to where you belong,” Simmons said.

Like every year, Simmons maintains the same goals and keeps a positive attitude.

“Same goals as every year: win. You’ve gotta come back from a good season last year and just keep moving forward,” Simmons said.

After losing many senior starters from last season ,Simmons keeps pushing his players to their best.

“There’s always new players next year. From the first year I was here to last year to this year; other players have to step up each year,” Simmons said.

Although Simmons loves the passion he has for being a coach, some challenges come along with it.

“The biggest challenge from being a head coach is probably the culture and organization, just keeping things in tact–that’s very important as a team in general. Just keeping control and trying to be successful,” Simmons said.

Every coach has a different way of leading their players to success, for Simmons the way he coaches is important to him.

“I would say fun and intense; giving a hundred percent no matter what we do. No going in between the lines just giving your all in everything we do,” Simmons said.

This year, Simmons is planning to lead the panthers back to greatness and achieving more goals. The coach has a passion for what he does, and hopes he can influence the players into not only better athletes but better people as well.