Fly High – The Smoky Mountain Airshow


The Smoky Mountain Airshow is an annual event that a lot of people look forward to in East Tennessee. It is an event where the U.S Military showcases their military vehicles.

As anybody would assume, there is a lot of practice that goes into these air shows. Many people that live near Alcoa pretty much got a free ticket to the show leading up to the event. Chris Fraker, who works near McGhee Tyson Airport, saw many planes practicing near his work the week leading up to the Smoky Mountain Air Show.

“It was crazy seeing all of the different planes flying up and down during the day at work. The planes would fly so low that it would make our building shake at work,” Fraker said. 

A few of Lenoir City High School students got to actually attend the Smoky Mountain airshow on a field trip. Lillie Lovelace (11) was one of the many students that got to witness the loud and energetic atmosphere of the show. 

“It wasn’t too crowded, just hot and lots of students from different schools were there,” Lovelace said. 

The airshow was headlined by the U.S Navy Blue Angels, U.S Army Golden Knights parachute team,  and U.S Air Force thunderbolt. Lovelace enjoyed the Smoky Mountain Airshow a lot and had many favorite parts of the show.

“My favorite part of the show was the Blue Angels. I also saw all of the different planes and military vehicles throughout the years,” Lovelace said. 

The air show left many others amazed with their high flying acts. The countdown to the next year’s Smoky Mountain Airshow show excitedly awaits Lillie Lovelace and many other fans.